Diabetes Research Center (DRC)
Washington University in St. Louis

Diabetes Research Center
Pilot & Feasibility Awards

Application Guidelines

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General Guidelines

Applicant Eligibility

Budget Guidelines

Outside Reviewers

Application should include the following PHS398 (06/09) form pages (in order):

These should be followed by the body of the Application with Specific Aims and Research Plan that together do not exceed 5 pages (including tables and figures, excluding references).  Please address Significance, Innovation, and Approach.  Use NIH Continuation Pages for this section.

An Appendix is required and must include (in order):

Contacts for Regulatory Approvals: 

Human Research Protection Office  314-633-7400 - Campus Box 8089

Animal Studies Committee 314-362-3229 - Campus Box 8025

Environmental Health and Safety 314-362-6816 - Campus Box 8229

Radiation Safety 314-362-3476 - Campus Box 8053

Requirements for Pilot & Feasibility Award Recipients

Questions: Contact Karen Muehlhauser at kmuehlha@dom.wustl.edu