Diabetes Research Center (DRC)
Washington University in St. Louis

Dominic N. Reeds, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine 

Internal Medicine 

Mailing Address   Box 8031
660 S. Euclid Ave 
St. Louis, MO 63110
Office Location   214 West Building 
Office Phone:   (314) 362-8430 
Fax:   (314) 362-8230 
E-mail address:   dreeds@dom.wustl.edu 

Research interest relevant to diabetes:

Metabolic regulation and obesity

I study the effects of HIV and its treatment on glucose and lipid metabolism. I have a particular focus on the metabolic and immunologic effects of weight loss in HIV infected populations. 


Descriptor of Research:

Translational and clinical 


Geriatrics & Nutritional Science