Diabetes Research Center (DRC)
Washington University in St. Louis

Richard S. Hotchkiss, M.D.

Professor of Anesthesiology, Medicine, and Surgery


Mailing Address   Campus Box 8054
660 South Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63110
Office Location   CSRB 5566
Office Phone:   (314) 362-8560
Lab Phone:   (314) 747-0342
Fax:   (314) 362-8571
E-mail address:   hotch@wustl.edu

Research Interest:

Metabolic Regulation and Obesity


Category(ies) of Research:



Descriptor of Research:

Our group works on metabolic alterations in sepsis. A hallmark of sepsis is onset of abnormal glucose metabolism and hyperglycemia. A highly controversial area of sepsis research is determining if tight glucose control improves survival in sepsis. There have been a number of clinical studies in this area. Our group is investigating immunologic function in sepsis and relating the alterations in immune function to key signaling mediators including Akt and Bcl-2 family members that are important in regulating metabolism. We have shown that sepsis induces extensive death of immune effector cells. A possible causative link between cell death and alterations in metabolism is via effects on Akt and the Akt signaling pathway which is essential for cell survival. We postulate that the alterations in glucose metabolism are critically linked to increased apoptosis and are currently pursuing this investigation.


Dept of Anesthesiology